Praise Wall

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

My mother lost her battle to an illness in Sept 2016. I was close to her and was dealing with it as well as expected thru the holidays. The new year rolled in and I decided to have a new heart but, atlas, tragedy swung it’s heavy hammer upon me once more. One day shy of 4 months of my mother’s passing, my middle son was killed in a car accident. It doesn’t matter how gentle the words that tell you your child is gone, your world, your heart, your soul is completely shattered. I immediately turned to God because I knew there was not going to be anything on this earth that was going to console me. I spent many hours, in silence, in the presence of my Saviour; many more hours listening to KCBI; and rode the roller coaster of emotions as I remembered where my son (and mother) were (and are). The storm finally passed, although it will always hurt, and I spend every day giving thanks for the time God let me spend with, not only my son, but my mother too. Every storm does run out of rain.