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everyone is the same

By April 16, 2019 No Comments

I would like to Thank you first because your music and Jeff and Rebecca help me to be more positive. My story is I have been helping families and young people in Honduras with clothing and toys and any other need. I always buy on sale or clearance or garage sale and yes half of my debt is due to that. But everyday I get up and God gives me the strength the job and the health I need to keep on working. My goal in life is to make one cafeteria for kids in Honduras that don’t have any food for breakfast and afterschool to go and eat. I’m from Juarez and that is the second city I would like to create that cafeteria. I have purchase several soccer shoes for all teens to keep them away from drugs and gangs. Some of them play barefoot. I’m still missing soccer balls and socks for them. I always have the faith that God will provide. I was looking for shin guards and I decide to stop at a store call dirt cheap and yes I found like 20 for $2each name brand that is when I smile and said Thank u