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Eviction for Christmas

By December 22, 2018 No Comments

My prayer is that I and my four kids don’t get evicted for Christmas. I have been on Government Housing for a long period of time and this year, I’ve had a chance to make a difference in my and my kids lives. I got a job working at a fulfillment center. I’m new to paying rent, due to having been on housing for an extended period of time. I have eight children total, 3 are grown and one in college, in which she will be the first of my kids to attend college. Long story short. I started out paying $100 in rent, when I first started working. Now my rent has increased to $500. Along with helping my daughter, who’s in college, pay her bills, and being new to standing on my own, I’ve fallen grossly behind on my rent. I lost my only vehicle, to get me and the kids around, two months ago and now I’m facing eviction on Dec 26th. I am asking desperately for prayer that The Lord will provide a miracle for me and my family. Jesus please help me through this rough time!