Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca

Failure Can Be Your Best Friend!

By February 22, 2019 No Comments

Many of us think of our failures and we want to shove them to the back of our minds because it’s not a pleasant thought, but what if we failure could actually be your best friend? Failure is the one that has the courage to tell you the truth. Failure doesn’t let you get away with your shortcomings. Failure exposes us and guides us back to the path if we will put it in God’s hands. If we will allow God to use our failures to mold us, shape us, and grow us which is how we keep failure from defeating us! This is all because failure in the hands of God is a cleverly disguised friend!

*This podcast is a previously recorded break as Rebecca is currently recovering from her back/neck surgery. Please continue to pray for her recovery!*

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