Please pray for me and my husband who is in major warfare. My husband says he want to leave me because I am requesting a DNA from a young lady who says she is his daughter after 21 years. He is refusing a DNA test because he says he knows she is his. However, throughout our five years marriage he told me that he could not have children. He wants his own child so badly that he is allowing her to call him daddy without proof and building a relationship. It seems to me that would happen after the truth has been revealed not before. Our Father in Heaven know that I will accept her if she is his and if she isn’t we still can be her God parents. He is not being considerate of his wife (who has been with him through thick and thin) nor his marriage. As his wife I would like it verified because I know how the enemy can be deceptive and I do not want to see him heart broken if she ends up not being his child. The truth shall prevail in Christ Jesus Name