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Faith and Trust in Him!

April 23, 2015

I started listening to KCBI because I needed bible teaching in additonal to praise music and KCBI met that need. I needed God to manifest himself real to me even though I accepted Christ very young(a long time ago). Somehow I missed the part about personal powerlessness and dependance (trust and faith) on God. I’m glad KCBI reminds me to keep seeking, throug thier own humanness. Psalms 19 reminded me that God does the work in changing me by my faith and trust in His ability to do that. I have heard it said so many times that I have to get “good enough” for a realtionship with God. The enemy is sneaky and I found myself after many many years in a relationship with the Lord that I had forgotten God does the changing. KCBI keeps me reminded that in my trust and faith in God that I am changed inside out.
So thank you KCBI for your humility in sharing, caring, and reaching the lost! The “lost” doesnt always mean “non-believer” it can mean how I was “lost” from faith in God to change me.



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