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Faith in the storm

By December 4, 2018 No Comments

I begin with i know my heavenly father is with us & for us and on the move.its benn very hard up & downs situation.but i have seen my abba hands working.my ex husband left us and i just started this job about to get another at night but at the moment dont have nothing.bills are rising including my suv i just got.he was paying everything.but now i haven’t yet got paid & the bills are now.but aga2i dont get paid yet & trying to get another job ass well.with me & my 5 kids.please can anyone help us please abba heavenly father lord touch someone please open doors we need help with our bills please…you know lord i gave my last for a deposit for a place you know why please.in the name of yahusha jesus amen.im trying but i know with you i can.please prayers please anyone please pray for us . Joannamartinez2580@gmail.com
My phone is off for now.until i can turn it back on