Praise Wall

Faith is my strength

My 23 year old son passed away in a tragic accident last July and I was extremely close to him as he was my first born and only son. We were always on the same wave length knowing when the other was having a bad day or worried. The last words he said to me and I to him just a day before his passing was I Love you. We never texted called or visited without those being our last words. I knew instantly the moment he passed even two hours before the police showed up at my doorstep to tell me he had been run over by a teenage driver while he was out walking as we always did in the evenings when things were peaceful. A calm came over me and my heart knew he was with Jesus as he was committed to Christ at 8 years of age. I didn’t and still don’t feel anger at the young boy who killed him all I can feel is the joy in my heart of where he is and that we will meet again soon. He has sent signs to let me know he is happy and the after life is amazing. Only by faith can this be. God is a great God