Praise Wall

Faith still

This year has had many ups and downs more downs than I look forwards too, but they have helped me look up to Jesus. Yes falling often on your back may be the season you are in to keep your faith. After having a stroke two years ago. I had a second stroke at 52 in March, then my 50 year old sister died of pneumonia. After getting out of rehab from symptoms of another stroke in May I got news my mother wasn’t eating or drinking Liquid’s. When I got out of the hospital they admitted her into the hospital. I was not well, but as a daughter, I wanted to be there.
My mother was a very strong person and for a couple of weeks she hung in there. Three weeks later she died on 6/9/18.

I later found out I had a hole in my heart wall. This Is called a POF closure. I have surgery in October and got a hematoma 2 days thereafter. I am OK. I’m unable to work. Pray for healing and pinch nerves in neck and back. Disability court date in Jan 2019