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How Far Have You Flown To Discipline Your Child?

By December 6, 2017 No Comments

How Far Have You Flown To Discipline Your Child?  Well one father flew from Minnesota to Colorado to make his son apologize for stealing a Christmas dinosaur.
The story goes that Joe Stricker a Colorado resident posted his security camera footage that featured vandals taking apart his Christmas decorations from his front yard and finally ripping up the dinosaur and stuffing it into the back of their car before speeding off. So Joe posted the footage on social media asking anyone if they recognized the vandals. Thousands of people saw this video.  One of the people happened to be the father of one of the vandals.  The father boarded a plane and within four hours of arriving in Colorado all of the vandals were on Joe Stricker’s front porch to apologize along with their embarrassed parents. I feel like I should mention, these were not unruly teenagers, these were men, 21-27 years old! And their parents were dragging them up on that porch to apologize.

Theft of Xmas dinosaur caught on camera

A family in Centennial needs your help! Surveillance video shows apparent thieves in their front yard, tearing up Christmas lights and stealing a three-foot dinosaur wearing a Santa hat before speeding off. Do you recognize them?

Posted by 9NEWS (KUSA) on Monday, December 4, 2017

I love this Dad! Are you with me? Or do you want to call me right now and tell me how wrong I am?

What does tough love look like? How do you raise your children today to be men and women of honor? That own their mistakes and have practiced the apology?

This story made me remember the times my parents made me apologize. I had to walk across the whole neighborhood to go to the home of the most spiteful little girl and apologize for using bad language with her…my ‘shut up’ was unacceptable and needed to be remedied. Or when I was being goofy and trying to show my older sister how wild and crazy I could be as a young teen and when we passed a woman out walking and I yelled something like, “What’s up mamacita” …like I said, wild and crazy. Well it wasn’t just my older sister in the car, my Dad was driving. And my Dad didn’t like his daughter to be yelling out the window incoherently to our neighbors and laughing. So probably about 500 ft. past this woman Dad hit the breaks and throws the car into reverse and pulls my window up to her for me to make it right. I apologized for yelling at her out the window and hoped she enjoyed the rest of her walk.

Those moments, or the ones you’ve provided for your kids, have taught me something.

I think at those young ages it taught me I survived. Because I really thought is there anything more embarrassing, I’m going to die right here.

But it also taught me how clear we feel afterward when we make it right. I almost looked forward to getting those apologies out of the way later on in life, because I wanted a clear deck, I wanted to keep short accounts and have nothing lingering over my head.

So if you have kids, or kids that you influence in your life. Don’t be afraid to slam on the breaks and give them this priceless lesson while their young. It just gets hard when they can drive themselves – you might just have to fly across the country to return the stolen Christmas dinosaur.


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