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April 26, 2016

My son is 12 years old . And before the divorce was final he use to go to his fathers house every other week and then my son decided he (son) that he really didn’t like being bounced back and forth every other week especially with school , football practice and football games. So we went back to court my son had to speck with my attorney and judge about his reasons for wanting be with me(mom) full time. And come to find out my son was being verbal abuse and mental abuse by his father it broke my heart because he father did the same to me and now i’m seen my own son go threw the same hurt and pain i used to go threw . His father lives in the same town and I have reached out to his father about apologize to his son so they can have a new start in life but no responded from his farther its been 4 months sence they seen each other. My son is an amazing young man and doing great in school . GOD …IS AMAZING . threw all this GOD brought us out of the darkest time and gave us light.