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“Feelin Fat” Days Are Real!

By May 9, 2019 No Comments

“Feelin Fat”Days are real.⠀

And no matter the amount of encouragement you get from friends or boyfriends, or rando strangers on the sidewalk…if you’re feelin fat, you’re feelin ALL.OF.THAT emotion ⠀

Yes like sad, or happy, or jubilant…fat is also now going to be known as an emotion. Motion Passed. (don’t ask me if there was a quorum, don’t worry about it, trust me it passed!)⠀

Today’s one of those “feelin fat” days. That’s probably being conservative, it’s been more like a week or two. ⠀

“Feelin fat” is this head space that we get into and affects EVER.Y.THING! and it’s crap. Honestly – such a waste of time. And we’re wasting the time of our friends…because they’re sweet and they want to encourage us and help us into a positive head space. And that takes up their time. And their efforts if we don’t clear our own space. ⠀

I guess this has become a confession: I’m wasting time. Maybe I’ve wasted your time. ???? And here’s another confession (am I going to regret this?!) I think I believe that if I say, “I feel fat” somehow it lets me off the hook of being in control of my emotions. Like it’s somebody else’s problem. Nah! ⠀

I want to be a woman that is in control of my emotions, not ruled by them. I want to be a woman that doesn’t waste time. I want to be a woman that sees a problem and sets out to fix it. I want to be a woman that recognizes some solutions don’t come overnight, but I will invest the time, the effort, the planning necessary to change my thoughts and change the circumstances. ⠀

The same control I have to feel fat, I can feel healthy, I can feel strong, I can feel accomplished.⠀

So a little more time, taking every thought captive because “As a man thinks, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7. ⠀

Feeding myself more truths from God… and Kale and I’m well on my way! ⠀

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