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Finding Hope in a YouTube Channel ThePalmaClanJZS

By May 30, 2020 No Comments

A year ago our family (The Palma’s) decided to start a YouTube channel ironically named ThePalmaClanJZS. Little did we know that during this pandemic this channel enabled us to stay connected and bring joy to others. Like many families we were also affected and have been struggling to keep a tight budget. Despite our struggles God placed it in our hearts to bless others in any way possible. That is why we started this channel, to inspire others, spread God’s LOVE, and create a smile in every soul. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been, what matters is that you can always find a family and a helping hand in ThePalmaClanJZS. Then we thought, what better way to spread God’s LOVE and make someone smile then by doing something great for someone! So we decided that every year we will giveaway a 2 Tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game of your choice(parking included)! However we need the help of many to make this possible, simply subscribe to our channel and pray for us! We need it!