Praise Wall

Finding Hope with the Loss of My Son.

I am somewhat an introvert. I have often had discussions with God that would go something like this, “God I love you but I struggle with your people. After my son was killed I was devastated to say the least. I was no longer the strong police officer who could handle anything. In the early morning hours I cried on the floor of my closest. Added to my agony I was suffering from strep. I prayed for God to heal me so I had the strength to bury my son. Where was God? No fast healing, No Jesus wrapping his arms around me. My view on how God works may not he his. I am sure healing,comfort and strength are different for each of us but for this introvert God needed me to see how “The Body of Christ” works. By the end of the following day so many people were placed in my path including my doctor a Christian who not only gave me a shot for the infection but loving advice. My pastor,the florist, people who provided food all helped me to heal, find comfort and strength. My help came from His Bo