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Finding Joy In Joyless Times

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After a year filled with devastating loss, Nika Spaulding, Resident Theologian at St. Jude Oak Cliff and dear friend to Rebecca and Liz sits down to discuss biblical joy in the midst of despair.

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Armed with the knowledge of God’s love for her, Nika Spaulding went to Dallas Theological Seminary and earned a Master’s of Theology to better equip herself to share this love with others. After seminary, she worked as a Women’s Minister teaching Bible Studies and theology as well as writing curriculum. During her time at her last post, God opened her eyes to the need to have greater diversity in church leadership.

This growing desire eventually drew her to SJOC (St. Jude Oak Cliff), where their desire is to live out the value of “visibility communicates value” and where they desire to see every person—regardless of ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.—deployed in using their gifts and leading the church.

If you’d like to follow Nika on Twitter, you can @NikaAdidas.

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