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Finding Wholeness Instead Of Balance

*This article was originally published by Good Morning America*

“Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines graced the cover of the latest issue of Magnolia Journal and opened up about what it means to find “wholeness” in her busy life as a business owner, designer, wife and mom of five.

“For years, I tried to navigate what balance should look like for my life, first when I became a wife and then a mom, and again when I was both as well as a new business owner,” she writes. “I had, for some reason, accepted this unproven theory that balance would somehow equate to stability and peace of mind; that it could steady the roller coaster of my daily life.”

Gaines said she eventually “decided that balance is way too meticulous a science to get just right in my daily life, and that it wasn’t something I was interested in for myself.”

“In its place, I sought wholeness for my family and for my work,” she added.

Gaines continued to say that she discovered when she tried to achieve balance by separating and compartmentalizing different areas of her life: “zero areas of my life had received the best of me because I wasn’t showing up anywhere as my whole self.”

“I deeply love being a wife and a mother, and I feel a profound sense of purpose with my work,” she concludes. “Whatever it might be that fills the scope of your life—marriage, kids, work, relationships, a project you’re devoted to, or all of the above—I truly believe that when we show up for the things we care for deeply with our whole selves, that’s where we’ll find the kind of meaning and fulfillment that can withstand any sort of shifting sand—no balance required.”

PHOTO: Joanna Gaines graces the cover of issue 12 of "Magnolia Journal."

*Photo courtesy of Magnolia*

If you’d like to read the full story, you can find it in the latest issue of Magnolia Journal, which hits newsstands nationwide on Friday, Aug. 16.

In response to this article, Rebecca has experienced quite a bit when it comes to this subject so she shares 3 things that we need to do if we’d like to have wholeness in our lives.

1. You Have To Get Really Good At Saying No

This is key because saying no is often seen as a bad thing by others but the reality is that this skill is needed on a daily basis. It’s our job to determine what we can handle and so being able to say no allows us to feel free to deny opportunities or activities for our own sake.

2. You Have To Be Okay With Dissapointing People

The reality is that people will always find a reason to be dissapointed and like the first point, not going out to do something or saying no to someone will ignite those feelings in other people. But the thing you need to remember is that you are NOT responsible for their emotions or how they percieve a situation. We have to be okay with dissapointing people sometimes.

3. You Have To Know Your Limits

Job 14:5 says, “A person’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.” It’s vital to know our limits because if we’re not careful, we can overwhelm ourselves easily. This is not a healthy situation to be in considering that it will affect all aspects of your life and so integrating all these points together, knowing your limits is something that we should be praying for consistently and asking God for wisdom in navigating these upcoming decisions and circumstances. 

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