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First Date Food Etiquette!

By June 6, 2019 No Comments


First Date Food Etiquette – can we add another location that you should never take your first date? Lauree “LO” Austin discovered it last night.

If you go here on your first date you will either
A) look like a savage or
B) go home hungry.
And C) you will be wearing a bib while doing A or B There’s really no other option…

You should 1000% avoid a ?Crab Shack? or a Seafood Boil ??while on a first or newish date.

We were fighting for each bite and by the end of the evening, we looked war torn, sauce and shell scattered all over the table – like we didn’t know what etiquette is.

And it was a blast! We haven’t laughed ?that hard in awhile – so yes take your dates…BUT you can’t bring a newbie to battle with you on the first date, you gotta build up some relationship capital before you go there,

Because Seafood??? battles are not a pretty thing. You can’t unsee that!

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