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Five Things You Need To Tell Your Adult Children

Whether they are on their way out of your house or they have their own kids now, you never stop being a parent to your children. It’s important that as our kids grow up that they consistently hear encouragement from us as parents in all realms of life.

1. I Love You

To say, “I love you,” implies that you will always be there for them. Even if you don’t always agree with their life decisions, knowing that you love them is like an anchor that will keep them firmly on the ground as they navigate through life rather than keep their wandering eyes looking for love and affection from those not worthy of their time or energy.

2. You Are A Success

To hear a parent tell a child they are a success means they don’t have to find significance in temporal ideas that are here today and gone tomorrow. Rather, they can walk in the knowledge that whether they are a stay at home mom or a CEO of a large company, they have already accomplished meaningful work. Children still need this approval even as a grown-up. When a parent says a child is a success, there is no need to fall into the trap of comparison, because there is nothing to compare.

3. God Loves You

It’s easy to know in your head God loves you, but it is completely different to live your life within that belief. The best gift you can give your child is to teach them to live in that same knowledge.

4. I’m Here For You

God’s hope and love for us is an anchor; a parent telling a child they will always be there for them is an anchor as well. A child will feel like they can walk through life with a strong foundation beneath them if they know a parent will always be there to support them no matter what the circumstances.

5. You Have A Specific Purpose

What security we have in knowing God has a clear plan and purpose for our lives. We do not need to wander through life with no direction or purpose. When we go to Him, He reveals that plan. But children (even as adults) need a physical parent to reassure them that God has a plan for their lives. It takes great love for a parent to instill in a child a faith to know God will reveal His plan and purpose in His time.

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