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Flying Motor Home

October 7, 2015

Church youth went on a trip to New Mexico in an old motor home and a van pulling a u haul with luggage. Half way through the trip a lady ran a red light and hit the motor home and the lights flickered on and off. Everyone including the motor home was fine, just a big dent. Next, the U haul had a flat. Again, God helped us to find a closed store with an individual that sold us a tire. Several youth were saved that trip, so exciting. We came home dropped off everyone with 2 adults in the van and 2 in the motor home. The motor-home’s light flickered on and off a block from the house then went completely dark while gliding in front of the house. The mechanic showed us the wires were cut from the impact of the wreck. It would take two days to get the motor-home running again. We said we just drove it and the mechanic couldn’t believe us. So, we say all our angels flew us to New Mexico and back.



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