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FOG (Favor of God)

February 12, 2016

I want to share with all that have prayed for our daughter Alisha over the last 4 years. NEVER GIVE UP!!
I feel I can truly say that I know what it feels like to be blessed and highly favored by God. Not because of anything material he has given to me but because of this situation Alisha got herself into that created a lot of anger, hurt, and broken relationships are in His hands.
She had been sentenced to 15 years in prison but was granted a new trial. That’s not the end of the story either.
The lawyers for the man she was involved with offered in exchange for Alisha’s testimony against him a complete dismissal of her charges.
Our prayers for 2 solid years was that she would be set free, no requirements after leaving prison, and a restoration of relationships.
She is now home, no requirements, and relationships are mending. Many were hurt by her actions and time will be needed to heal. What a blessing to see a life redeemed, restored, and renewed.