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Foods That Help You Burn Fat

This article was written by our very own Health & Wellness expert, Casey Sollock! If you’re interested in learning more about what she does, you can visit her website here! 

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Isn’t food amazing?! When we eat the good stuff (whole, fresh, natural), there’s no stopping all the benefits it can bring our health.

There are even foods that can burn fat!

What, what?!


Here are FIVE of my favorites:

Guacamole: Ok, I live in Texas and guacamole is everywhere. I admit it…I had a strong dislike of avocados in my younger years. But now? I LOVE them. And, to me, there’s nothing better than FRESH guacamole prepared with avocados, tomatoes, sea salt, lemon pepper, and whatever else I decide to use to get creative! Avocados contain MONOunsaturated fats which, according to research, may prevent body fat distribution by down-regulating certain genes. They are also loaded with fiber, which keeps you feeling full and satiated longer. Yum!

Oatmeal: Let’s dispel the myth that carbs are bad. They’re not. We need GOOD carbs to give us sustained energy throughout the day. Oatmeal answers the call! It’s high in fiber which will power you through your morning AND optimize your digestive system. Improving the digestive system helps relieve the body from bloating and excess weight that may be caused by sluggish digestion. I love to top my oatmeal with cinnamon because that powerful spice helps to regulate blood sugar. And, I enjoy walnuts on my oatmeal because they are high in omega-3 fatty acids and help support brain health. Can you see how amazing oatmeal could be for breakfast to help get you through a long morning?! Yep! Truly a power breakfast.

Apples: To me, apples and almond butter is just about the perfect snack. Apples are one of the best fruit sources of fiber. Fiber helps to reduce visceral fat (fat around the belly). I always say if you’re thinking you need a snack, if you aren’t hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re really not hungry! My favorite apples are Honeycrisp and Jazz. What’s yours?

Black beans: Another excellent source of soluble fiber, black beans should be a staple in your fat-burning nutrition. A study found that for every 10 grams of soluble fiber eaten per day, belly fat is reduced over time. Beans are also a fantastic source of plant-based protein. Oh…did you know you can eat black beans for dessert?! Yep!! I have a delicious BLACK BEAN BROWNIE recipe that you should try!

Spinach: You knew I’d say spinach, didn’t you? Spinach contains a compound that actually encourages your body to burn fat! How cool is that? And, it’s also packed with energy-boosting nutrients, vitamin A, folate, iron, and more nutritional awesomeness! Want to know an easy way to get more spinach into your daily nourishment? Green smoothies!

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