We are so fortunate to have our resident Health & Wellness expert Casey Sollock on the show this morning to talk about certain foods that could reverse the aging process for many of you!


This has Vitamin K which helps build strong bones so it keeps your bones strong as you age. As we get older, you lose bone density so it’s important to continue to strength our bones and Kale is also a cruciforous vegetable which helps prevent prostate cancer as well as other forms of cancer. It lowers cholesterol, it detoxifies the body, it supports eye health, and keeps your liver healthy. Also, get this: Kale has more iron than beef per calorie!


This is great for the aging process because it has a ton of magnesium and helps you maintain normal muscle function and nerve function as you age. It also helps to reduce blood sugar/blood pressure and it contains lutein which prevents the build-up of cholesterol.


Apples whiten your teeth and turn back time because they keep cholesterol in check because they contain pectin and pectin helps prevent cholesterol build-up in the blood and reduces the risk heart disease. Also, the fiber in Apples keeps your digestive system going and that’s why you want to keep the peel on the apple while you’re eating them because of 2/3 of the fiber is found in the peel of the apple.


You may be familiar with this ingredient but it has powerful antioxidants in it and it’s a natural anti-inflammatory which is fabulous for those aches and pains that you experience as you age. One good way to handle that sort of pain is to either put some ginger essential oils into a bath and relax in a warm bath or you can eat ginger because it’s very good for digestive health!


These are great for memory because they have a high flavinoid content which improves short term & long term memory.


Who doesn’t love grapes? Grapes actually contain resveratrol which is an anti-inflamatory to help keep your skin looking good and it also protects you from UV damage that can lead to skin cancer.


These are wonderful for brain health because they are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which is incredible for brain health. Research is also showing that Walnuts may actually slow the growth of breast cancer tumors.


It’s used to beautify many different food plates in restaurants but parsley actually inhibits cancer cell growth, eases joint pain, keeps your immune system strong, purifies the blood, and it’s awesome because it’s super rich in chlorophil which is so good for your blood. Not to mention it’s really good for your breath since it’s a natural breath freshener!


This is good for bone health because it’s full of phito-nutrients to decrease inflammation and it keeps lots of different kinds of cancers away.

Flax Seed

Even though they are tiny, they are very good for your body because it reduces the bad cholesterol, it’s full of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential in anyone’s diet, and it improves brain health.

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