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For Joel and his wife – Do NOT abandon HOPE if you have Cancer

October 28, 2015

I am a 20-year cancer survivor – Praise the Lord! I believe He delivered me, and that he did it by means of some of the measures used in the new, “Alternative/Integrative Medicine” . This morning I tuned in to KCBI, and heard the last part of the story about Joel,their struggle with cancer, and their feeling that “Medicine had failed…”. Having known many friends and family members throughout the years who had cancer and were treated totally with “Traditional” medicine (chemo, surgery, radiation, etc.), and they died…I was led to do BOTH methods of treatment – but to a much lesser degree with regard to the amount of traditional…and during and after the treatment I used alternative methods such as “Boosting the Immune System” with nutritional supplements, various forms of cleansing of toxins ( which can actually lead to cancer), ozone treatments to boost oxygen levels in the blood (this kills cancer cells), etc. I would be happy to share specific info with them.. ep