Praise Wall

For those praying! Thank you for praying!

By March 15, 2017 No Comments

I have seen God do a lot in my life and lives of others I requested prayer for and I truly believe your time, effort, and heart in prayer is definitely a reason for why God is moving in my/our lives. If you have been praying or will be praying for me, can I know who you are? My email is…

I want to say that I believe in the power of prayer due to the fact of the answers that I have been seeing. These are some of the ways that God is answering and further prayer requests:
1. Victory in various areas of my life and within my family. Specifically, my family is turning more and more to the LORD… even my kids.
2. God is stirring the pot amongst Pastors in the River Valley area.
3. God has been dealing with my heart and freeing me up. Vision and clarity of direction for God’s will is becoming more evident.

For those willing to pray! Thank you soooo much. I want to pray for you. Contact me please!