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Forgiveness Is Freedom

By December 8, 2020 No Comments

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to forgive somebody for something that did some real damage to you? Chances are, it’s happened to all of us somewhere along the way. Knowing you have to forgive is one thing, but doing is a different ballgame.

If you find yourself there right now, we’ve got a piece of encouragement from Pastor Andy Stanley that may help get you across that finish line of forgiveness. He said, ” In the shadow of my hurt, forgiveness feelsĀ like a decision to reward my enemy. But in the shadow of the cross, forgiveness is merely a gift from one undeserving soul to another.”

I know it doesn’t make it any less painful or difficult to do, but because we have been given so much on the cross, we are called to extend that gift to others. Though it’s tough, forgiveness really is freedom.