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Found a beautiful job with a great boss

July 7, 2016

This is a praise story. I started listening to KCBI, last year when I was going through a very hard time at my previous job. Last year at this time I was working in a school cafeteria with ladies who were plain nasty. they hated me, not sure why but they did. I went to confession and I ask the lord to please help me forgive these ladies and prayed that I would find a new job. Well The LORD IS GREAT, he not only helped me find a new job. I found a job working as an Administrative Assistant. I love it, its a great job. I have an office of my own, and I can listen to KCBI, and I have this WONDERFUL BOSS, who also loves to listen to KCBI. God is so Good. just trust in him and he will bless you. Thank you lord Jesus thank you. May the Good Lord Bless each and every one of you today.