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gay agenda

My family needs prayer. My niece, who I love like a daughter is not living a Christian life. She has 3 girls that I love like grandchildren. Her boyfriend who lives with them for the last 4 years, has a 9 year old boy. They are raising their children in this ungodly atmosphere. The kids have been in church their whole life until the past couple of years. The 17 year old Savannah, is now saying she likes girls. She has always liked boys until now. She knows it is wrong, but she is refusing to admit the truth. The 14 year old, Madison goes to school with girls that say they are gay. As you well know, it is everywhere. I also realized I am a hypocrite. I am ashamed of this because I want to show love to everyone like Jesus does. I am having a real hard time because these kids in my great nieces lives are convincing them the things of the world instead of what is in the Bible. I feel if the parents would turn their hearts towards the Lord and change, the kids would follow.