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Generosity for this Single Woman Meant Adopting 6 Sisters

By November 28, 2017 No Comments

Generosity looks different for each one of us. What you are able to give will look different than what I’m able to give to someone. So I don’t tell you this to compare yourself against Lacey Dunkin, but that we can celebrate the generosity of a woman who did something that most people would say…”You are crazy.”  She did something remarkable. Something that for you and I, if we’re honest…we wouldn’t be able to or want to do. She went from 0 to 6 in 2 years flat.
Lacey Dunkin, a single woman in her mid-20’s knew she wanted to be a mom. And when she signed up, trained, qualified to be a foster parent she had no idea what would be asked of her. She got a call one night to take in 4 little sisters. She loved those girls for 9 months and then they went back to their biological mother. (That has got to be the hardest part of foster parenting…the saying goodbye)Well Lacey got another phone call a number of months later, that the girls mother didn’t want her daughters anymore and would Lacey want to take them back? Plus! She had had another baby girl the night that Lacey had first taken in those four sisters. So Lacey started to count in her head 4 + 1 = But there was one more ask…the mother was once again pregnant with her sixth daughter and asked Lacey if she would be willing to take in her sixth daughter once she delivered the baby. Lacey’s heart and spirit of generosity said yes, yes yes. Lacey is a single mom to 6 beautiful daughters at 34 years old. She was willing to say yes. She gave her daughters a home and a name and generously gave them her mothers love.


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