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Gift from God

November 20, 2015

Being born with a congenital heart defect my son requires monitoring by a cardiologist on a yearly basis. This year’s visit was in September when we found out that his 3rd surgery for his pulmonary valve replacement was approaching. A heart catheterization was ordered and scheduled for October 30th. This being the time when my faith and walk in Christ has been the strongest allowed me to put everything in God’s hands. I prayed that “my” son was a gift from him and he being almighty not only knew the number of hairs on his head but also knew the number of days that he had left with me here on earth. I prayed that no matter the outcome, I knew that it would be according to God’s purpose. We found out on the day of the heart cath that if he was a candidate his valve would be replaced that same day via the heart cath. My son’s valve was replaced during the heart catheterization without open heart surgery and needed to stay in the hospital only one day. God is Great!!!!!