My wife and I have been blessed with the most amazing, beautiful girl. She is most definitely a testament to what the power of prayer can do. You see 21 weeks into our pregnancy, my wife’s OBGYN noticed a small abnormality in my daughters brain during a routine sonogram. A week later we went to a specialist, who described this abnormality as possibly being a Dandy-Walker cyst with complications that can range from severe mental retardation, to body irregularities, not only that but when we got the her blood results back she was also diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome, which effects only females. So we cried, and we prayed day and night. God never took the syndromes away but to this day would would never have been able to tell unless I told you about it. She’ll be one on March 27th, and we have accumulated a mountain of medical bills, If you guys could just further pray about our situation or maybe even send some relief, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!