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Giving and God will take care of you!

By May 3, 2017 No Comments

I just moved to Arlington from Houston. Years ago I fell on hard times after having two major abdominal surgeries back to back. A single mother of two, it was hard but I had my faith. One Wednesday at Church I was there with my oldest daughter. She was a teenager at the time. When it was getting time for the offering I started digging for whatever change I had. She immediately protested, “Mom, don’t! This is embarrassing.” I said, “I am giving all I have and God will bless me for it!.” As the offering plate came around and I was ready to put in my change (maybe 60 cents) she again protested and tried to stop me. I pulled my arm away from her and dropped my change in. After Church my friend called to say he had something for me. It was 3 checks made out to me all totaling over $150! My daughter learned a valuable lesson. She graduates from Messenger College this Saturday for Youth Ministries! Praise God!