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God can move beaches!

November 25, 2014

My name is Greg. I listen to your encouraging words and music every day. I am a 50 year old recovering alcoholic. I am going through a storm right now due to my past decisions. I have now decided to walk with Christ. I yearn to do something for others and will through my local church in Irving. I also long to go to a beach to get away, but that is a dream that cannot happen. As I walked around the pond at the park, I sat down and closed my eyes. There were seagulls at the pond. I guess they had a layover on their way south. The pond has a fountain. As I closed my eyes as sat on a park bench by the pond. I realized that Jesus had brought the beach to me. I would expand on my story but you can only have a max of 1000 characters. There are too few characters to express my thanks for God for moving beaches! I start a new job this week. Happy Thanksgiving!



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