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God cares even in the small things

By May 3, 2017 No Comments

Over the weekend my daughters and i were planting flowers in our flower pots. We only had 3 and my daughters wanted to be able to plant more and i told them we would have to wait a week or so before i could purchase more pots. We had enough seeds just not enough plants. They were sad about this. But God! on Monday, when we got home from our school and work day, had placed it on someone’s heart to leave a flower pot on our patio. God is good! He cares about the small things too! Thank you Jesus for showing us that you are always here with us and paying attention to EVERYTHING in our lives…. even the small things! this gives me hope!

PS. i really love Liz Day, you are so real and completely who God made you to be. You are an inspiration to me and i’m thankful that you are so joyful, i can hear when you speak, you always laugh and i love that. Thank you for being you!