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God Doesn’t leave the beauty You left

December 12, 2014

In 2009 I left my pregnant ex-girlfriend and moved to San Angelo, TX. I moved to go to college, get out of debt, and do what I had to support my son (which at the time I wasn’t sure was mine.) In July 2011 David and half sister were taken by the state and put into Foster care. I was working a part time job making only about 1500 a month. He and his sister went from foster care, to his cousins, then back to foster care. I was determined 99.99% the father, and it was said that if the mother did not get back custody that he would go up for adoption. At that time the Lord put a fire in my heart that my son was not to be put up for adoption, (not saying that adoption is bad.) In about a 2-3 month time I got a new job, house, and lifestyle that was set for a child. In Oct. 2014 I got partial custody, and everyday I get to come home to a huge smile and the same eyes I look at in the mirror every morning. God gives us what we don’t deserve.