We spend so much time trying to figure ourselves out and to discern who we are and why we’re here.. You have probably read the enneagram books back to back or you have taken one of the many personality test tests out there. This week on the Honest Conversations podcast, we had Nika Spaulding sit down with us to talk about the Trinity. Here’s what this means in a nutshell:

God is one God, but three persons:

  • Father
  • Spirit
  • Son

So three persons, but still one God. One essence. I know that can be very confusing but it’s crucial that we understand what the Trinity is because it helps us understand ourselves and how we relate to a Triune God.

The pinnacle of creation was humanity made in the image of God and interestingly enough, it’s plural “let us make mankind (humankind) in our image.” (Genesis 1:26)

What does that mean then for humans? The image that you are meant to bear is that of someone who eternally exists in community and eternally exists in self-donating loving relationships. You might hear people say things like, “it’s just me, the Bible, and Jesus”, but the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s not even how Jesus relates! You hear him say in Scripture, “I do nothing except for the will of the the Father” when he is praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. (John 5:19)

Scripture even makes the point He (Jesus, the Son) is the visible representation of the invisible God. (Colossians 1:15) The Father and Him are one. If you want to know what the Father is like, all you have to do is look at Jesus. If you’ve ever thought, “I really disappointed God, he needs so much from me” or “God needs me to do that”, we need to take a step back and really think about what we’re saying because that isn’t even close to true. There’s actually a technical term called the aseity of God which basically means that God needs nothing. The reality is that God doesn’t actually need anything from me. He delights to participate with you and He delights to welcome you in, but don’t give yourself too much credit on what God is doing through you because that’s God working through you, not the other way around.

That’s the best news ever because you can’t disappoint God. God already knows everything since He sits outside of time and space and knows the end from the beginning. He can’t be caught off guard and in order to disappoint someone, it means you have to fall short of their their expectations. So with all this said and done, remember that we depend on a God that does not depend on us.

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