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god gives and he takes away.

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hello im yessika and im here to share my life story with everybody listening. im 30 years old. and I have a speech Impediment. I have 4 beautiful kids. before I had my first child, I was a loud teenager. always speaking my mind. when I got pregnant with my daughter, I had pregnancy issues. I was throwing up constantly, I couldn’t keep anything down. in a matter of days, I lost my voice completely. I went to the hospital. we thought it would go away within a few days and I would be able to talk again. but it never happened. I went to doctors. they couldn’t and till this day I still haven’t found any help. its been 14 years since I was able to speak like a normal person. everyday I ask god to help me thru the day. I cant read to my kids or help them with their homework. I cant have a normal conversation with my family, friends, or strangers. I cant get a normal job. and it sucks, but after all I know that god did this for a reason and im thankful for whatever plans he has for me.