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God Has A Way Out For You

November 23, 2015

I went to the Dr a week before my 25th birthday. They tested me for HIV1 and there was a faint positive. Long story short, I was struggling with my relationship with God before all this. But when I cried out to God while this HIV situation was going on, and prayed and cried and finally told God I will give my life to Him completely and focus on Him and my 2 year old son no matter if I have HIV or even if I don’t. I asked people to pray for me and little did I know that prayer was answered. I got tested again and it came back negative. They will have me testing again in a month around Christmas. I’m sure that will be negative too , because I believe my God is healer and miracle creator! I know that This was a wake up call for me to surrender to Jesus Christ and give my life fully over to Him. I have no doubt that this was a God thing. And God used this to get me closer to Him. So now , finding out I do NOT have HIV , I will not focus on having a boyfriend anymore. Just on God and son