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God is Always Faithful

By April 26, 2017 No Comments

I have been without a regular full time job for over a year and my bank account was a deep shade of red. Throughout this time without full time employment I have worked a few short-term contract assignments that covered expenses for a short time.
The last contract assignment I had provided 401k savings as a part of my hourly pay and just when I was about to give up GOD SHOWED UP!!!
I was going to tithe from this check to my church but God gave me the idea that even though my church deserves this tithe, we in our church are much better off than the folks Compassion serves, so He suggested I give my tithe to people in poverty without clean water. PRAISE HIM for all He does and how much He loves us.
Please help me in my prayers for a job, but even greater than that, please pray for my friend whose 42-year old son died unexpectedly last night. God bless each of you and your ministry as well as your families.