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God is always preparing the way

By April 8, 2021 No Comments

I could name so many ways God has used circumstances in my past to prepare me for current times. Things at the time I wouldn’t have even guessed was God’s hand. Most recently, my father was in the hospital/rehab for 3 weeks and upon returning home needed a little additional help for a few weeks. Years ago, I changed job functions and at the time wasn’t really sure I wanted the job I took, but because I did, I am able to work some from home, the increased income allows me to cover the things my father needs if he can’t. I had already moved him in with me to help manage medications, home maintenance etc. which also made the current situation easier to manage. God has healed him of this current issue and is restoring and strengthening him day by day. I am so grateful for a God that orders our footsteps to day because he already knows what tomorrow holds instore.