Praise Wall

God is answering! Thank you! Keep praying!

By April 21, 2017 No Comments

I believe in the power of prayer! I praise God for all the prayer warriors who have been praying for my family, church, River Valley area, and me. Your prayers are really being heard and I want to encourage you please don’t stop.
1. My son Nathan’s attitude/heart has dramatically changed. We are actually able to have meaningful discussions.
2. People are getting saved! A guy named Lou who has been homeless and been involved with the Occult came to Jesus! Praise God.
3. God is opening doors in the River Valley area and Pastors are beginning to more actively work together.
4. God opened doors for me to pray with State of Maine Senators and Representatives at the State Capitol every Thursday!
5. More importantly God is changing my life and giving me a greater heart for souls and changed lives.
I will be posting more prayer requests as God is moving and I need Him more than ever! Praise God and thank you again!