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God is bigger than your problem

By December 29, 2020 No Comments

My wife Denise and I have a vaccine injured son Josh who is severely disabled. We were going through a very difficult time years ago with Josh tantruming all day, and the school abandoning us. Coming home from work I could hear Josh’s screams a block away and Denise would be in her pajamas. My wife was in severe depression and kept telling me I would be better off if Josh and her were gone. I didn’t know what to do and felt helpless. I tried to communicate with her that it was going to be ok but she was despondent. I would go into work each day expecting to receive a call from the police or sheriff that my wife and son were dead. One day I got in my car that no one drives but me and the radio was tuned to a christian talk radio show. God spoke to me through that pastor and I gave my life to Christ. My whole family is now saved, we love our disabled son and realize the gift God has given us to care for the most vulnerable. Our lives are forever changed.