Praise Wall

God is good

I just want to say that God has been extremely great to me and my family . I work at a phone company we have to play radio all day long at the store when I started I would listen to other stations and honesty was always feeling anxiety as if something bad might happen after I had my daughter I suffered from postpartum ocd and anxiety even at work it would get bad sometimes . I started listening not so long ago and instantly I felt so calm at work I play it out loud so all the costumers can hear and even when my boss walks in he doesn’t mind it while before he used to tell me to play worldly music out loud even coworkers have left the station playing i just have to say that I feel God is always looking after me even by just showing me this station randomly while looking through it . I know he has a great purpose for my life I can feel it in my heart. I know I will be part of a ministry when the time comes God will use my life to save others by allowing me to spread his word .