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God is all over this and I want to share.
A friend served in the marines. He continues his education and career and lives in Austin, TX.
On June 8, 2021 he had a kidney transplant and is living his best life already!
Why, you ask, is this a God Story?
1) Because Mitchell would have died had this kidney not been donated.
2) Because the person donating the kidney happens to be one of his best friends! Perfect match!
3) Because he had 2 other compatible matches! (His brother and another longtime friend!)
4) Because the kidney started working 45 MINUTES after they performed the surgery!
5) Because he only found out about his kidney challenges when he had a motorcycle accident!
6) Because now another longtime friend is taking care of both “friend” and friend that donated the kidney while they recover!
7) Because they are all staying in one house with 2 huge dogs, showing the world that there are second chances in life!
Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayers! AMEN