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God Likes Baby Steps

By July 28, 2020 No Comments

I’ve been a dad for 31 years now, and a grandfather for 4.

Not once have I ever been upset at any of my kids or grandkids when they were little at not being able to run like Zeke Elliott. Not once. (They all developed the skill to run into things in the house and break them – a lot – a few years later)

No, when they were little I would clap and cheer as they bumbled and stumbled toward me with their little unsteady-but-trying-and-sometimes-failing-but-getting-back-up-anyway steps.

We celebrate each step our little ones take, not because we need them to reach a goal, but because that’s what parents do! We CELEBRATE baby steps.

God is exactly the same. You’re not as far as you want to be in some of your battles, but he delights in your attempts.

Maybe you just need a reminder. God LOVES every small step you take toward him in faith, even if it’s not always in a straight line.