Praise Wall

God loves you more than you know

I think the greatest evidence of God is how he moves and changes people with the presence of his spirit. I’ve been Christian my whole life but it wasn’t until I gave it up for him that he’s done amazing things. For example, as a kid I was so selfish and consumed in my passions, hardly ever thinking of other people or trying to do what was right. I used to hate socializing thinking “I hate everyone” because I’m naturally introverted. Eventually as a teenager all these flaws built up on me and I was very lonely, stressed, I developed anxiety, depression, & eating disorders. I started to feel guilty for not being happy whule being so blessed. It wasn’t my parents or anybody forcing me to come to God but deep down I knew life was short and I wanted to live for him. After following his word and striving to know him he’s opened my eyes to all my mistakes and taught me I can be better. I love people now and have an interest in getting to know everyone