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God makes away

December 16, 2016

My name is James, I just want to share a little about my life about how God has changed my life and the life of my family. I spent ten yrs. in prison. I lost everything, we must under stand that Satan comes to kill steal and destroy, He does not say how He is going to do that, He just finds away. But God made away to bring us out of the grip of Satan. He gave us his SON JESUS CHRIST. But it took losing everything and going to prison for me to find that out. Everything we go through God is with us. Even in prison God made away. I was given a Bible in prison and was told to read it. I had never read the bible before and all that is was saying was new to me, and hard for me to understand. But the more i read the more it started to make since, and it lead me to understand that God loved me and sent his son to die for my sin. So God made away for me to get a BIBLE., while I was in prison. I have been out of prison now for ten yrs. God made away. Praise GOD!