Praise Wall

God Saved Me On A Walk

My story isn’t that unusual – I survived an abusive marriage of 25 years after suffering the loss of my first husband at the tender age of 21 when he took his own life. That left me with a very low sense of self worth so I put up with abuse of every form in my second marriage..
In all of this I dutifully attended mass 2-3 times a week, not because I had so much faith, not because my relationship with God was so strong: I knew VERY LITTLE about Him but I felt obligated to go; that’s how I was raised.
When I had finally taken all I could I left my husband, but he wouldn’t leave me alone so I figured the only way to get away from him was with a handful of pills. I very nearly died; my insides did die, I was empty and lost but never thought to call on God for His help and guidance. I had turned my back on Him but He never left me! And He sent my friend to save me….in the form of a Walk to Emmaus! I formed a relationship with Him on that Walk and He became my everything! Praise Jesus!!