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God Wants To Know… What Do You WANT Right Now?

By July 7, 2020 No Comments

You’ve probably heard the story of blind Bartimaeus in the Bible (it’s in Mark Chapter 10.)

In case you don’t know it, Jesus was walking down the road in Galilee and Bartimaeus called out to him, “Jesus! Have pity on me!”

The apostles tried to shut him up, but he kept on crying louder. “ Jesus! Son of David! Have pity on me!”.

So Jesus stopped, turned around, and said, “What do you want?”

And without hesitation, the blind man said, “I want my sight.”

Jesus said, “your faith has saved you.”

At that bold moment, when he told Jesus his exact deepest heart’s cry, and God answered, Bartimaeus dropped his cloak.

Big deal.

Well, it was a big deal, because for a blind man, the cloak represented security. In Jesus’ time, the blind were considered cursed by God. So they lived on the streets, cast out. The only protection they had against the elements was their cloak. And as soon as Jesus healed Bartimaeus, he dropped his cloak.

He dropped all the security he’d ever known.

What is it that we need to drop the cloak for in order to follow Jesus?