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God’s Character Doesn’t Rest On Our Feelings

By November 10, 2021 No Comments

Maybe you can relate to this but sometimes I’ll say things to myself out loud in order to actually hear something in my own ears, even if it’s my own voice. Usually it’s my thoughts, but sometimes vocalizing things that are true helps me never forget God’s promises.

Of course when life happens whether that prayer wasn’t answered the way you hoped or you were anticipating something and it didn’t happen, regardless of your disappointment, always remember that your feelings are not indicative of God’s character.

All those things that disappoint and frustrate us often make it super easy to draw conclusions of who God is based on how those circumstances go. In fact, it’s almost a natural human tendency that we have to prevent from happening because if we’re not careful, we’ll begin to think incorrectly about the nature of God.

Often, we need to remind ourselves of how often our feelings have let us down. I’m by no means saying that feelings are not important because they are. Feelings matter a lot because God designed us with emotions. However, they never should run the show because they let us down a lot.

I can attest though that one thing that has never let me down is God’s character. It’s not always easy to feel it but in those moments, I like to verbalize my trust to go with God’s character over my feelings. If there’s ever choice put in front of me, I’m choosing God’s character every time.