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God’s Gift Texas ReEntry Services

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I grew up in a family of five kids, four boys and myself. We were not the story-book family. Far from it. Ours was a life of poverty, adultery, child molestation, and children raising children. As adults, the five of us went our separate ways. I got married, raised a family, and became a contributing member to my community. My brothers, on the other hand, never honored their marriages, abused drugs, and sexually abused children.
In 1983, my brother Gary died from drug abuse, drugs he was getting from our brothers. In 1985, my three remaining brothers were arrested and sentenced to a total of 582 years in prison. I, in the meantime, got my GED, AA in Mental Health, a BS degree in Family Science, and a MS degree in Social Work. In 1997, God lead me to create Texas ReEntry Services, a 501(c) 3 non-profit agency, to remove the barriers and to assist with the challenges for ex-offenders who, like my brothers, choose opportunities, rather than a return to their old life and prison again.